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Atmos Press
Pacific Grove Art Center #7
568 Lighthouse Avenue
Pacific Grove California 93950
310 562-3155


  * indicates interactive/participatory work, and ' indicates site specific installation work
  2016 Traces Hartnell College, Salinas CA [Mythic Women]
    * FaceBooK Monterey Museum of Art of Art, Monterey CA
  2014 Catacombae for Mussorgsky’s Pictures, Portland OR 
    On and Off the Wall PVAC, Watsonville CA [Watching]
  2012 * Whispers Snow Studios/Chabot, Oakland
    * Kindred Spirits: Converging Faces New Monterey CA
  2008 * Underground Subway Getty Villa, Los Angeles CA 
[... who works at the Getty; Aesop’s Animals]
    WAM @ 25 Gatov Gallery CSU Long Beach CA (Group life-size self-portraits)
  2007 * Make Art Elzay Gallery, Ohio Northern University, Ada OH [Gossip] curated by Wynn Perry
  2006 * Make Art Terhune Gallery, Toledo OH [Gossip] curated by Wynn Perry 
  2005 * The Olive Pit Getty Center, Los Angeles CA [Symbols]
  2004 * Draw: Unusual Surfaces Angels Gate, San Pedro CA [Inside/Outside] curated by Jean Clad
  2003 * Underground Canaries  Getty Center, Los Angeles CA [Who Am I?]
    * WAM 20th Anniversary Gatov Gallery, CSU Long Beach CA [Who Am I?]
    * Bringing the Arts Alive Terhune Gallery, Toledo OH [Who Am I?; Why Kill?] curated by Wynn Perry
  2002 * Ant Colony Getty Center, Los Angeles CA [Why Kill?]
    ' Open Studio, West Los Angeles CA
  2000 * OK to Touch Angeles Gate, San Pedro CA [Community]
    * Upside Down  Getty Center, Los Angeles CA [Been There]
  1998 * Roots Getty Center, Los Angeles CA [Words of Wisdom]
    * Insiders University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA [Promises]
  1997 ' WAM Golden West College, Huntington Beach CA [Eurydice] curated by Donna Sandrock
  1992 ' Diverse Directions  Bridge Gallery, Los Angeles CA, [Ghost; Flying] curated by Scott Canty
  1991 ' Memorial Mendenhall Gallery, Whittier College CA
    ' Pass it on...Installation, Walker Building, PCA Art Expedition, Long Beach, curated by Liz Chalfin
  1990 ' WAM Woman Art Makers Downey Museum, Downey CA [Coven; Karyaid] curated by Scott Ward
  1985 * Self-Imposed Gallery B, California State University, Long Beach CA

  2017   Graphically Observed: CSP 2017 Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA juried by Liz Chalfin
A Decade of Printmaking Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz,CA



2016   Miniatures Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey CA
Monterey County Studio Tour & Exhibition PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Ink/Paper/Print Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
Tiny Treasures Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove CA
Rain Percussions Radius Gallery/The Tannery, Santa Cruz, CA curated by Margaret Niven
Studio Artists PGAC, Pacific Grove, CA
PNB @ Rezvan Monterey Ca
  2015   Miniatures Monterey Museum of Art , Monterey CA
Of Ink and Poetry PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Twilight Zone Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
  2014   Miniatures Monterey Museum of Art , Monterey CA
Passage of Time PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Impressed: the printed mark Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
Poems to the Sea PGAC, Pacific Grove CA curated by Alana Puryear
Solid, Liquid, Vapor Mercy Gallery, Windsor CT curated by Liz Chalfin
  2013   Monterey County Studio Tour & Exhibition PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Myths, Lies, & Legends Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA
WaterMarks: Fine Art Printmaking PGAC, Pacific Grove CA curated by Helaine Glick
  2012   Monterey County Studio Tour & Exhibition PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Pacific Grove Art Center Studio Artists PGAC, Pacific Grove CA
Kindred Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA



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Mitchell, Bonnie, Chapter 11: Installation (includes Whispers), DVD suppl. to DeWitte, Debra J., Larmann, Ralph M., Shields, M. Kathryn, Gateways to Art: Understanding the Visual Arts. Thames & Hudson, CreativeMyndz, Toledo OH.




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Furbush, Barbara Lee, Self-Imposed  MFA thesis, California State University, Long Beach
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Barbara Furbush  WAMnews, (reproduction)
Barbara Furbush  WAMnews
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  2000   Figueroa , James, WAM exhibits many styles Seal Beach March 9
  1998   Events, Borders October
  1997   WAM  WAMnews Fall
  1984   Chauvel, Margaret, Print show exhibits multimedia artworks Forty-Niner September 11



Black Dolphin Workshop, California State University Long Beach; University of Maryland; Hartnell College, Salinas CA;
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC; ZeaMays, Northampton MA
David Koslow, John Grimes, John Paul Jones, John Lincoln, Beverly Serra and Lee Brooks, Barbara Wyckoff, Larry and Iris Moore, Jason Patt, Jill Penney, Robert Boro, Paul Azulay, Marjolaine Greentree, Charlotte Eyerman

  2016   PRINTS 101, Pacific Grove Art Center
  2016   FaceBook, Monterey Museum of Art Jan 8
  Dec 5, 2015   PRINTS 101, Pacific Grove Art Center
  July 13   PRINTS 101, Monterey
  Mar 12   Aesop’s Animals, Open Walls / Happy Hour, Monterey Museum of Art 
  March 28   PRINTS 101, Pacific Grove Art Cente
  December 18, 2014   Miniatures / Happy Hour: Monotypes, Monterey Museum of Art
  Dec 6.   Printmaking Sampler: Screen printing
  October 4   Printmaking Sampler: Poly Litho
  August 2   Printmaking Sampler: Intaglio
  June 7   Printmaking Sampler: Block Printing
  April 5   Printmaking Sampler: Monotype
  February 18   PRINTS 101, Monterey Museum of Art,
  February 1   PRINTS 101, Pacific Grove Art Center
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Printmaking Sampler: Lithograph
Printmaking Sampler: Monotype
Printmaking Sampler: Intaglio
Printmaking Sampler: Block Printing,
Printmaking Sampler: Screen Printing
PRINTS: 101, Pacific Grove Art Center
MPC Printmakers Show & Tell, Pacific Grove Art Center
Printmaking: Monotypes, Pacific Grove Art Center
Printmaking: Monotypes, Pacific Grove Art Center

  2004   Who Am I? Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles CA
  2003   Not so Starving Artist? Trehane Gallery, Owens College, Toledo OH
  2002    Why Would You Kill? Herculaneum Hall, Los Angeles CA
  2000   Consequences of Open Collaboration Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles CA
  1998   From Prints to Installations   Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles CA
  1986   Donald Sultan as Printmaker University Art Museum, California State University, Long Beach CA

  Softground etching, Liz Chalfin, Blue Mouse Studio
Photopolymer etching, Bob Rocco, Open Ground Studios
Solar plate Printmaking, Dan Weldon, Snow Studios
Signblast Relief Prints, Robert Rocco, Open Ground
Non-toxic Printmaking, Liz Chalfin, MPC Printmakers
Viscosity Monotype, Katherine Levine-Lau, MPC Printmakers
Papers, Jennifer Anderson, MPC Printmakers
Aquatint, Steve McMillen, MPC Printmakers
  California Society of Printmaking
MPC Printmakers


Atmos Press: studio 7 Pacific Grove Art Center